Pilates at Active Health Physio

Back pain? Problems with shoulders, hips or knees? Feeling stiff?

Pilates classes led by Physiotherapists can help.

Are you a beginner or tried Pilates before and were lost in a large class?

Our classes are kept small (4 to 6 people) so that you get the attention you need. We have classes to accommodate beginners and intermediate to advanced levels.

Pilates will help you to

  • Activate and strengthen back, hip and deep abdominal muscles (your core muscles)
  • Increase flexibility and postural awareness to help prevent back, neck and shoulder problems
  • Improve breathing and the ability to relax

It’s not just about repeating the same matwork exercises over and over. Our classes also include exercises with Pilates equipment such as Swiss balls, foam rollers, and resistance bands. This helps to challenge you a bit more as your core muscles get stronger, as well as transfer your improvements in body control and flexibility to everyday activities.
Active Health Physio also offers a 60 minute one-to-one Pilates service on request, which is ideal for people who are completely new to Pilates or prefer individual attention.

Staying active is not only good for your body, it’s also essential for keeping your brain healthy!

“It had always been my goal to do the London marathon but three weeks out I pulled my calf muscle. The Physios here got me to the start and finish line. I didn’t set a personal best but I was able to achieve my dream” 

Choose a class that suits you

5.00 pm
6.05 pm

Intermediate & Advanced
Friday Early Birds7.00 amAll levelsonline

8.50 am
Beginner & Intermediate

10.00 am
Conditioning for Seniors

5.30 pm
Beginner & Intermediateonline


Physio-led Pilates

6 week block (consecutive weeks)

£ 98
Physio-led Pilates6 sessions (flexible attendance)£ 132
1:1 Initial assessment & Pilates session

60 minutes
£ 78
1:1 Follow-up Pilates session

60 minutes
£ 65