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Getting out and about after COVID-19 lockdown – pressing ‘play’ again

The COVID-19 health crisis is currently the most serious global threat to our way of life alongside climate change.  Worryingly, mounting evidence shows this virus not only causes respiratory issues but can also affect vital organs (brain, kidney, liver, pancreas), a fact which wasn’t fully appreciated at the beginning of the outbreak.  Further, COVID-19 can […]


Top 5 tips to help press play safely after lockdown

COVID-19 has determined what we’ve been able to do for the last several months and will likely continue to do so to some extent for the foreseeable future.  Being more active now that restrictions have eased is the best way to reverse the harmful effects of indoor confinement on mental and physical wellbeing.  The process […]


Body conditioning for pain free cycling

The joy of being on your bike comes from many things: feeling your body work; social interaction; fresh air; the sights, and perhaps also a sense of adventure. However, unwanted aches and pains can put a damper on the pleasure of the ride. Up to 88% of cyclists may experience one or more overuse injuries, […]