Want to be more active but not sure how to go about it?

Many people are aware of the health benefits of regular physical activity but may be put off because of uncertainty around which exercises to do (and how often), fear of making things worse, and perhaps lack the confidence to exercise at leisure centres.

Active Health Physio runs several group-based programmes designed to support people and guide them over the initial hurdle of how to start being more active to improve their health and wellbeing:

Neuro Excercise

Neuro Exercise group – Physical activity and strengthening for people with stroke, MS, head injury, Parkinsons’.


Kneehab’ – Knees that are painful, stiff and weak? Need guidance after knee replacement or waiting for one?

Strength, Balance & Confident Mobility

Strength, Balance and Confident Mobility – Build confidence to get out and about in the community.

Core Strong and Flexibility Cyclists

Core strong Conditioning and Flexibility for Cyclists – For people who enjoy cycling and want to continue injury-free.


Pilates – Beat body aches, improve flexibility and relax in classes that provide individual attention.

People taking part in the classes are monitored by an experienced Physiotherapist to ensure they are exercising at a level that is both suitable and beneficial for them.

The classes cater for different ability levels and emphasise the social and fun benefits of group-based physical activity.

Active Health Physio programmes are intended as a bridging step to help give people the confidence to join community activity groups or explore leisure centre activities.

Enjoy the benefits of being more active… safely!