Core-strong Conditioning and Flexibility for Cyclists

Enjoy the ride…..just a bit more

Is the pleasure of a bike ride tainted afterwards by pain in your neck, back or problems with your knees or hips? Perhaps you feel like you could do with a bit more power through your pedals or a bit more poise and balance on descents.

Come and try out Core-strong Conditioning and Flexibility for Cyclists. The classes are suitable for people of all ages and cycling backgrounds, whether you are a commuter, mountain biker, road racer, or enjoy touring.

What is Core-strong Conditioning and Flexibility for Cyclists?

The classes are based on Physiotherapy and Pilates principles of increasing core muscle strength where you need it and improving posture, flexibility and balance. The goals of the classes are to help you to:

  • Activate and strengthen back, hip and deep abdominal muscles (your core muscles), to optimise power output for the same effort
  • Increase flexibility and postural awareness to help prevent back, neck and shoulder problems
  • Improve breathing mechanics and the ability to relax and lengthen muscles

This is a six-week programme with sessions run at 6 pm on Fridays at 14 Alva St in the Westend, Edinburgh.

Led by an expert Physiotherapist the classes are 50 minutes long and are kept small at four to six people so that everyone gets the individual attention they need.

The aim of these classes designed specifically for cyclists is to keep you enjoying time in the saddle without breaking down and/or improve your performance – it’s like getting faster wheels for your bike!

What can I expect when I come?

The classes start initially with an explanation of the basic principles that the Core-conditioning and Flexibility programme is based on. The sessions and exercises gradually get more challenging and are paced according to your own progress.

Please bring comfortable clothing for the classes. Shoes are not required but please wear socks.

Core-strong Conditioning and Flexibility for Cyclists price list

Block of six 50 minute classes

Edinburgh (maximum 5 people)

£ 98

“A group of us into mountain biking do the Core-strong Cycling class at Active Health Physio on Fridays to get tuned up for the weekend of riding ahead – it works for us, no more sore backs and tight muscles”