Kneehab’ Class

Knees – painful, stiff, weak, creaky?

Leaving you feeling irritable, fatigued and deprived of enjoyment of life? Over 4.5 million adults in Britain are affected by long-term knee pain. In fact, it is the leading cause of disability among older adults.

Research shows that people with stronger legs are less likely to develop knee problems. The benefits of leg strengthening are such that it is now recommended as a first line treatment for knee arthritis. People waiting for knee operations can also benefit from building stronger legs.

Physio-led knee rehabilitation classes can help sore and creaky knees by improving:

  • Leg strength to increase knee stability and shock absorption to reduce knee stress
  • Flexibility of leg muscles to help with knee range of movement and stiffness
  • Aerobic conditioning to reduce symptoms of fatigue with everyday activities

Kneehab’ is a six-week programme.

Classes are kept small with a maximum number of six to eight people so that everyone gets the individual attention they need. The classes last for 45 minutes and begin with five minutes of light warm up and end with 5 minutes of cool down activities.

Suitable for people of all ages and abilities the classes are led by a Physiotherapist. Activities are designed so that you get the benefits of strengthening and activity to build your fitness without provoking knee discomfort.

It’s like WD-40 for your knees, helping you get back to doing the things you enjoy!

Kneehab’ price list

Initial assessment (60 mins)

£ 78

Block of six classes

£ 98

What can I expect when I come?

Kneehab’ begins with a one-to-one session with a Physiotherapist. This involves discussing your goals and an assessment so that we can tailor the programme to your needs and current physical ability. This session also provides an important baseline so you can judge your progress.

Please bring comfortable clothing and supportive shoes to your initial assessment and the Kneehab’ classes.

“Sean helped me prepare for my knee replacement operation and then guided my rehab’ after I came out of hospital. Just a few months later I was back playing golf”