Neuro Exercise Group

There is evidence to show that improvements in physical function following stroke can continue well after discharge from hospital and the accepted recovery period. People with MS can also benefit from structured physical activity.

Neuro-exercise group is a Physiotherapy-led programme of strengthening and stretches designed to improve or maintain your current level of functional ability and independence. The classes are intended to support people with neurological conditions gain the ability and confidence to go on to participate in community social groups or use the facilities at local leisure centres.
Goals of the classes are to:

  • Build arm and leg muscle strength and flexibility to help with daily tasks
  • Improve balance to reduce the risk of falls
  • Increase fitness to help with mobility in the community

Led by a Physiotherapist experienced in neuro-rehabilitation, this class runs over six weeks. Classes are 50 minutes long and begin with five minutes of light warm up and end with 5 minutes of cool down activities.

Class size is kept small (a maximum of six people) so that everyone gets the individual attention they need. Sessions are group based but exercises are tailored to your individual needs. There is always an opportunity to sit and exercise in a chair.
The aim of Neuro-exercise group is to support your courage to get on with life and be as independent as possible.

Choose a class that suits you

Initial assessment (45 mins)

£ 78
Block of six 50 minute classes

£ 98

What can I expect when I come?

You begin with an initial one-to-one session where you discuss your goals with a Physiotherapist. The session also involves an assessment so the programme can be tailored to your needs and physical ability. This is important to help you judge your progress.

A Physiotherapist monitors people taking part so that they work at a level that is suitable and beneficial for them.

Please bring comfortable clothing and supportive shoes to your initial assessment and the classes.