Virtual vision 2020 – presenting at UK Physiotherapy Conference

Our musculoskeletal expert Maria Peer presented two research papers at a virtual venue created by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for their annual UK conference two weeks ago. Her presentations fitted well the conference themes ‘Aging Well’ and ‘Exercise and Decision Making’.

One of Maria Peer’s studies investigated factors influencing knee replacement outcomes (physical performance and neurophysiological changes) to optimise exercise management for people undergoing total knee arthroplasty.  Her second presentation outlined how people undergoing total knee replacement were less able to accurately match the amount of intensity required during exercise, and tended to overreach. Findings from both studies will support clinicians and patients in selecting appropriate exercise intensity for optimal recovery and prevent people who are undergoing knee replacement from potentially overreaching.

Conference presenters generated lasting impressions with research highlighting the importance of exercise interventions for frail, older adults who often suffer balance problems and falls, as well as people living with long-term conditions.  The value of Physiotherapy services was also underlined by individuals taking leading roles in the development of physical activity interventions for health and management of complex pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia, back pain and osteoarthritis.

Feedback on the first virtual Physiotherapy UK conference has been very positive with almost 1000 clinicians and researchers attending.  Dr Peer said the innovative virtual world experience was enhanced by interactions with colleagues and friends while finding out about the latest health research.  Delegates’ avatars also had the opportunity to relax on a virtual beach and were free to dance like there was no one else in the room on the virtual dance floor.

Authors: Dr. Maria Peer, Dr. Sean Prescott